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For more information on the availability of kittens, please contact me by e-mail:


(write about yourself: name, country, city to purchase a kitten please!)



A v a i l a b i l i t y   k i t t e n s :

AVAILABLE: Kitten is available.
RESERVED: A serious buyer is interested in the kitten, but no deposit has been paid at this time. If other buyer express in the same kitten, we retain the right proceed with a sale.
RESERVED PENDING: Is a deposit and a kitten will be reserved until full payment of the price of a kitten.
SOLD: Kitten is fully paid for and waiting to move into a new home or a new home.
DEPOSIT any negotiations on a binding sale and kitten can be sold to another buyer.

For reservation we ask a half from the total sum ( NON REFUNDABLE ) for kittens not younger than one month old. We reserve the right to refuse sale of any of our kittens for ANY reason. Males in breeding condition are sold only cover cats wholly owned by the new owner. Kittens are sold with a proper contract, wormed, vaccinated and chipped.

All PET kittens will be sold neutered, no exception!

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